Products Liability

Personal injury as a result of a faulty product can come with serious and permanent repercussions for the victim.

We trust that the products we use everyday, whether for recreation or for work, are reliable, tested and vetted for safety.

This includes manufacturer safety checks at the factory or point of origin and internal quality control methods, as well as products that are installed, provided or setup as part of a service.

We rely on these methods to guarantee our safety and the safety of our families and the overwhelming majority of the time, the products we use are safe and effective.  However, when there is an oversight in that process, whether due to malfeasance or misfeasance, it is important to know that you have legal counsel on your side.

Tire Defects

Improper wear or manufacturer defects

SUV Rollovers

Unbalanced designs or designs prone to failure

Dangerous Products

Hazardous household items or other purchasable products

Dangerous Toys

Toys that are designed unsafely, have sharp edges or present other dangers

Hip Replacements

Defective hip replacements or medical products

Electrical Hazards

Products or home goods that cause potential electrocution or burns