Product Liability Attorney in Reno

Personal injury as a result of a faulty or defective product can come with serious and permanent repercussions for the victim. A product liability attorney can help you receive compensation.

Seeking Compensation for Defective Product Injuries

We trust and expect the products we use to be reliable, tested, and safe. We hold manufacturers accountable to high standards and expect them to properly design, manufacture, and ward dangers. Quality control methods used during design and production aims to avoid flaws, but that doesn’t always occur.

We depend on these processes to ensure our safety and the safety of our families. Generally, the products we use are safe and functional. However, if there is a failure in this process, it is important to know that you have legal representation on your side.

If a defective product caused injury to you or someone you know, you may qualify for compensation. At Galloway & Jensen, we have a product liability attorney prepared to fight for you.

Airbag deployment issues result in injury that require a product liability attorney

What Makes a Product Defective?

After an injury occurs, there are a few questions that we will want to look into:

  • Did the company issue a recall for the product based upon the specific defect that caused the injury?
  • Was the product in a defective state when purchased?
  • Did the instructions/user’s manual sufficiently outline the risk of injury?
  • Were there sufficient warnings?
  • Was the product modified?
  • Was the product being used in a manner reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer?
  • Are other consumers experiencing the same injures as you?

Product Liability Legal Services

Tire Defects

Improper wear or manufacturer defects

SUV Rollovers

Unbalanced designs or designs prone to failure

Dangerous Products

Hazardous household items or other purchasable products

Dangerous Toys

Toys that are designed unsafely, have sharp edges or present other dangers

Hip Replacements

Defective hip replacements or medical products

Electrical Hazards

Products or home goods that cause potential electrocution or burns


Medicines that have unexplained or warned of side effects or complications

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