Automobile, Motorcycle, Trucking, and Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Reno

If you have been involved in an accident, whether it involves a car, big rig, motorcycle, other motor vehicle, or bicycle, don’t wait to seek legal help. We know insurance companies have dedicated representatives and lawyers working on their behalf, because we used to work for insurance companies. Now, we’re here to fight for you and are ready to use our experience to make the insurance companies pay.

Roadways Are Becoming Increasingly Dangerous

Automobiles are necessary for our day-to-day lives, but our reliance on them comes with a significant risk. The National Safety Council (NSC) recently identified that fatal car accidents are on the rise, and the costs associated with the occurrence of accidents is skyrocketing.

If your insurance claim is denied, you may be stuck paying for medical bills, property damage, and administrative costs — all while dealing with the physical pain and potential loss of income.

Getting into a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle crash is already a stressful situation, and having to then deal with insurance companies fighting your rightful claims just adds to that stress. Luckily, we are here to help.

Help From Automobile Accident Attorneys

Here at Galloway & Jensen, we specialize in personal injury law which includes car accidents, truck accidents, and motor vehicle collisions. This means a dedicated team fighting on your behalf against insurance companies and their lawyers.

Insurance companies will use all manner of tricks to get you to admit to some form of fault, even if the crash was no fault of your own. Before you speak with the insurance companies, make sure that you consult with automobile accident attorneys who can protect your rights. The insurance company’s main interest is to hold onto their moneynot to help you.

The bottom line is this: We have fought against insurance companies for decades and know their tricks. Don’t get bullied by teams of experienced claims representatives and insurance company lawyers.  Get a dedicated Reno accident attorney on your side today!

Automobile Accident Legal Services

Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks, light trucks, and large vehicles

Bicycle Accidents

Unclear bike paths, unmarked or improperly marked lanes

Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries from blind spots or distracted drivers

Pedestrian Accidents

Failure of drivers to abide by crosswalk laws, running lights, or right of way issues

Buses and Trains

Buses pulled over in the roadway, train crossings not clearly marked or not functioning

Drunk Driving

Injuries resulting from impaired vehicle operators whether it be alcohol, medicines or illicit and recreational use drugs

Distracted Driving

Accidents occurring from drivers not paying attention

Texting and Driving

Operator of a motor vehicle is using a cellphone or handheld device while driving

Roadway Defects

Roadways in disrepair, pot holes, or missing markings/signs

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