Car Accidents and Insurance Disputes

If you have been involved in an accident, don’t wait to seek legal help! Insurance companies have dedicated lawyers working on their behalf, so should you.  Don’t go it alone.

Here at Galloway & Jensen, we specialize in personal injury law which includes car accidents, truck accidents, and motor vehicle collisions.  This means a dedicated team fighting on your behalf against insurance companies and their lawyers.

Getting into a car accident is already a stressful situation, having to then deal with insurance companies fighting your rightful claims just adds to that stress. Insurance companies will use all manner of tricks in order to get you to admit to some form of fault, even if the accident was no fault of your own.

The bottom line is this: We have fought against insurance companies for decades and know their tricks.  Don’t get let teams of experienced insurance company lawyers bully you.  Get a dedicated Reno car accident attorney on your side today!

Truck Accidents

Big rigs, light trucks and large vehicles

Bicycle Accidents

Unclear bike paths, unmarked or improperly marked lanes

Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries from blind spots or distracted drivers

Pedestrian Accidents

Failure of drivers to abide by crosswalk laws, running lights or right of way issues

Buses and Trains

Buses pulled over in the roadway, train crossings not clearly marked or not functioning

Drunk Driving

Injuries resulting from impaired vehicle operators

Distracted Driving

Accidents occurring from drivers not paying attention

Texting and Driving

Operator of a motor vehicle is using a cellphone or device to text or type

Roadway Defects

Roadways in disrepair, pot holes or missing markings or signs