Wrongful Death

Fatal accidents and wrongful death as a result of carelessness, negligence or oversight is one of the most challenging things anyone can face.

As specialists in personal injury litigation, we understand that a wrongful death or fatal personal injury case can be an emotionally draining process.

We pride ourselves on treating our clients like family and understand that these types of cases come with a substantial personal impact.  With our decades of experience, we are uniquely equipped to help you understand the legal process, guide you successfully through it, and explain your legal options for accountability.

By specializing in helping families during thr are uniquely equipped to help you and your family through the most difficult times.

Fatal Car Accident

Car accident resulting in the death of an operator, passenger or pedestrian

Fatal Truck Accident

An automobile related fatality involving a big rig, mid size truck or light truck

Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A death involving a motorcycle crash