Personal Injury in Reno

Preparing for or even inquiring about a potential personal injury case can be a daunting and emotional experience.  At Galloway & Jensen, we understand this and make it our utmost goal to help you through this process with compassion and support.

Often times, the victim of a personal injury faces life-impacting challenges as a result of this through no fault of their own.  We have seen many instances of this first-hand which is why we have dedicated our practice exclusively to helping people that have been victims of an accident that leads to a personal injury.

Because of this, we are uniquely equipped to not only handle your case with the professionalism and proficiency you expect from a law firm with decades of experience in personal injury law, but with the human element that comes from years of helping people just like you.

Slip and Fall

Wet or ill-maintained floors, loose floor mats or recently cleaned floors with no warning signs

Premises Liability

General safety hazards, faulty railings

Inadequate Security

Violations of expected security of person

Dog Bites

Dogs not on leashes or that break fences/barriers

Other Injuries

Any injury that is caused by negligence or improper maintenance

Elevators & Escalators

Moving walkway incidents, elevator and escalator malfunctions