Personal Injury Lawyers in Reno Nevada – Nevada’s Own Personal Injury Specialists

Galloway & Jensen – Personal Injury Law Specialists are here to FIGHT for you and your family.
Galloway & Jensen are Reno’s Own Personal Injury Specialists!
If you live in the Reno Nevada area and have been the victim of a personal injury, whether it is related to a slip and fall, car, truck or motorcycle accident, or from a product malfunction, give us a call today.  Our consultations are ALWAYS FREE.
By focusing only on personal injury law, the law offices of Galloway & Jensen can provide specialized excellence in helping with your case.  Our experience on dealing with insurance companies and their tactics is immense and we have seen it all.
It is critically important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you have been injured.  Every day counts and showing immediate action helps in proving the seriousness of your injury. We look forward to speaking with you!